Moisture Mist

During NY Fashion Week I picked up a press bag while I was there and in it was the Evian Limited Edition can of facial spray. I thought the bottle was cute but I probably would have never picked up this product. In fact, it's been sitting on my shelf in my room since September, but recently I picked it up and used it. Now on my face, but on my hair as a moisturizer. It's just plain water but in a pinch it would help. I plan on throwing it in my purse to carry around for just in case times when I feel like my hair could use a little bit of moisture. The product is actually meant to be a moisturizing mist for your face, use a tiny bit on your face then apply your regular moisturizer to seal it in.

2 two cents:

PBW said...

I carried around one of these for years, but never thought of misting my hair.

Definitely will try that.

Wes said...

I love this stuff!